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Founded in sunny Miami FL, our company’s mission is to support your body’s wellbeing, preservation, and betterment. Coming from the sunshine state we know that health goes right along with happiness, working out. We work to keep your body’s natural systems energized and nourished, by giving a boost in every capsule. Your body is your reality, make it a beautiful one. Get a Boost!

“2 capsules a day,

keeps the pandemics away”

Our Fundamentals


Lightning in every bottle


We are perfectionists. It’s necessary to be exact and sure over what goes into each bottle. Even if it may create complications, we do not compromise when it comes to our products. Making sure that the right number of multivitamins and minerals are in each bottle is the art of our business. Like we say, we capture lightning in every bottle.


Health is Happiness 


Your body is your reality. We want to help amplify and enhance your life by giving you the peace of mind and strength to get through your day, but more than that, to enjoy your day. While we enjoy formulating the perfect recipe of vitamins and minerals, what we LOVE to do is make our customers, happier, healthier individuals ready to take charge of their lives.    


Authenticity in Action 


We are no snake oil salesmen, we’re a community of health professionals. We want to be real with our customers, our supplier and ingredients are in full display and our team of health experts are dedicated not in convincing you, but to feel the impact. We like to cut the “chit chat” and get down to facts and figures. It’s our bodies we’re talking about here!

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